Having spoken to a number of startup entrepreneurs lately I find a common thread of concern when it comes to their business ideas, it’s perfectionism. I hear comments like, “My website isn’t ready yet because it isn’t quite how I want it yet.” or “My app isn’t ready to launch because it is fully developed yet.” If I’ve learned anything, it’s don’t wait!

All too often I have seen people with a great business idea sit on their idea and wait to launch it only to find that someone else jumped on it. They often wait and wonder “What if?” Instead of saying “Why not?” Here’s my suggestion on getting started.

Do your research? Is there anyone out there with a similar product or service? If so, can you do it better? What makes you unique? People often buy the person; are you passionate about your product or service? Are you willing to be your business, to be your brand?

Then get started! Get your business going, don’t wait. Ideas are meant to be acted upon. There are so many ideas that have gone unrealized because they were never brought into reality because we often think they need to be perfect first. Idea evolve as we bring them to life, they grow and expand as we share them with the world.

It’s really sad when someone has a really great idea that they think on and imagine and dream about for years and then someone else actually makes it a reality. Don’t let this happen to your idea. If you don’t know how or where to start, seek help. Ask other entrepreneurs, visit the SBA website, ask for help, search the web for “how to” advice. Just start! I’m glad I did and I’d be happy to help you. Send questions to info@30secondsuccess.com or request a telephone call.


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