Debbie Downer and Negative Nelly rarely get invited to the party for a reason. Who wants to hang around with negative people? We all have stuff happening in our lives, but not everyone wants to hear about it. Not everyone needs to hear about it, especially when you are trying to build a business.

Let’s face it…if you walked into a store and the clerk proceeded to tell you all of the reasons why she hated working for her boss and how lousy the merchandise is, and how hard she works for little pay and less appreciation, would you buy anything? Would you go back?

I hate to admit it but I will, every so often I have to catch myself. I can be just as quick as the next guy to think negative thoughts about a situation I may be going through or that I have dealt with in the past. I get it, sometimes it’s just hard not to. BUT, I work really hard not to bring them to my meetings. Like I said, I catch myself.

People like doing business with happy, positive, encouraging people. People who put a positive spin on life and challenges usually come out on top. No, it’s not always easy, but it’s a lot easier than going around sad, depressed, and lonely all the time. People distance themselves from negative people.

I know that marketing models teach us to “be the solution”, but first we need to tell people they have a problem. So as the bearer of bad news, how awesome is it to be the solution? That’s something to be extremely excited about. That’s something to be super positive about, right?

Remind yourself that you have something awesome you have to share even if you are having an extremely trying day, week, month. Remind yourself that people are attracted to positive people and you have something positive to share. Spread your exciting news about your products or services. Leave Debbie Downer and Negative Nelly at home and start opening up those invitations!

At 30 Second Success we help people become better connectors and get the most out of their networking efforts. If you’re ready to put a positive spin on your presentation skills and create better connections, schedule an appointment today.

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