Do you have “Friendtors”? Who are those people who support you when your life seems to be veering off course and your business starts to run you rather than you running it?

For years now my husband has wondered about all of these amazing women in my life that I refer to as my girlfriends. He often asks me to define what makes them girlfriends as opposed to just being business connections.

I am certain that I always come up with some long winded explanation that satisfies his curiosity. What I have also come to learn is that his questions help me put these relationships into perspective.

These are women who get me where I am, help to elevate me in a new direction, act as a mirror to help me see myself in a different light, and support me when I feel like I am on the Mad Hatter’s Teacup ride.

They are gentle and wise, they support me in my crazy, and celebrate my awesome. They listen to my heart and hear my truth. These women are friends, they are mentors, they are “Friendtors”. They come and they go. Some are here for now and some are here for life.

I recently read She Means Business by Carrie Green and in it she mentions that she was encouraged by one of her “Friendtors” to gather her “Cabinet of Friendtors” around her. This was the first time I had heard this expression and it finally helped me define these amazing women in my life.

At breakfast with one of these amazing “Friendtors” a few weeks ago I shared this revelation during a conversation and a whole new idea blossomed right there. Together my “Friendtor”, the amazing Mary Fran Bontempo, and I sketched out what it would be like to create a community of “Friendtors” and bringing women together online to support and elevate one another in life and business.

I open the Success Mastermind Community up twice a year to women who are seriously committed to growth and to supporting other like-minded women in a deeply trusting way. If you would like to know more about this exciting new program and be part of the Success Mastermind Community, contact us today. I am excited to share and support you in gathering your “Friendtors” who will elevate you and your business.

Be blessed by your “Friendtors” and feel free to share this exciting news and invite them to join us.

Wishing you much success!!


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