So blessed to have amazing people in my life who challenge me to step it up from time to time. One of these people is Jamie Broderick of Network Now®. Jamie recently sent out a mid-month challenge to make deeper connections with influencers to her members. I love this challenge!

Here are some suggestions about how to get started creating connections with influencers, this is the challenge Jamie put out there for her members…

Identify an influencer who you want to connect with. Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

  • Follow and interact with them on social media.
  • Share their blog posts and articles.
  • Become their customer or subscriber.
  • Pay attention and listen to what they are focused on.
  • Think of creative ways that you can help them achieve their goals.

Jamie shared a few personal experiences as examples with her members. A benefit I and many others enjoy. She is one of the influencers I follow (and you should too.)

There are many influencers out there, connecting with them is a great way to learn and to connect with their followers as well. There’s a lot to learn from listening to and following people who offer insightful help to entrepreneurs and professionals. It can be very helpful, but it can also be very time consuming listening to a lot of people when you are growing your business, so pick one or two that are speaking to the issues you need help with right now.

Ask your peers who they are listening to, check with your network, or start a conversation. Ask “Who do you follow?” People are willing to share. Find someone who seems to be making great progress in their business, someone with a similar business model that you would like to know more about and ask them. People are willing to share who they are learning from, who they are working with to help them move forward. Just ask.


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