Communication is changing every day in this fast paced world we live in. Just the other day I received a Facebook message from my mother. This is the lady who didn’t know how to open up a text message with her smart phone just a few months ago, now she’s using Facebook. I was really impressed when I replied and she continued the conversation, I thought for sure I’d get a phone call. Wow, things really are changing.

Your friends, colleagues, customers and coworkers will choose to communicate with you in different ways. Some will choose face to face, some will email, others will call, while others will do a little of everything. The bottom line is: make all of them available. On your business cards, email signatures, websites or marketing materials, let people know they can get in touch with you in whatever manner they choose. Sure, you might prefer email. But what matters most is the comfort of the other person and their ability to communicate effectively.

A good idea is to give people as many options to contact you as possible. There’s nothing more annoying to a “phone person” than when she discovers she can’t get a hold of you unless she emails you. Chances are you’ll lose her all together if you choose not to communicate in the way she is accustomed. Go the extra mile, make it easier for people to reach you, be reachable, be responsive, be open to all forms of communication and stay connected with your connections.

Leave a comment with your favorite way to connect. Let’s stay connected!

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