“How Often Should I Change My Commercial?” That’s a question clients ask me all the time. 30 second commercials are very important to your networking and everyday communications. Just think, how often are you asked “So, what do you do?” or “So, tell me about your business.” The more that question pops up the more opportunity you have to present your commercial.

Keeping the same commercial is perfectly fine if you find that you are talking to new people all the time and you are comfortable with what you share. Having a practiced commercial allows you the opportunity to feel and appear confident in any networking environment. It also allows you to focus on the other people you are listening to rather than worrying about what you will say when it is your turn.

If you network with the same people frequently it may be beneficial to change up your commercial from time to time. The purpose of your commercial is to grab the attention of your audience and give them just enough information to want to know more. That being said, I encourage my clients to start with a practiced commercial for 2-3 months before they change up just a small portion of their commercial.

Here are a four ways to change things up:

1. Start your commercial with a question? Then change your question periodically.

2. End your commercial with an interesting tagline. Then change your tagline periodically.

3. If your services change seasonally, change your commercial to reflect the season.

4. Become a great storyteller. Use a client story to illustrate your services.

How often you change your commercial really depends on the frequency in which you connect with your networking audience. There’s certainly no harm in using the same commercial for all of your networking and there’s certainly no harm in changing it up to keep it fresh either.

The most important thing to remember is whatever you decide to say know it before you ever even enter the room and say it with the confidence and conviction that you have something amazing to offer everyone in the room.

My commercial has been the same for the last several years. “Most people struggle to communicate who they are effectively in 30 seconds or less. At 30 Second Success® we help clients craft their 30 second message for networking and video that resonates with their audience and drives more business to their door. If your ready to “Ditch the Pitch and Start Connecting”™ schedule a call today.


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