It has been said that your website is your best marketing tool and although I agree that your website is absolutely essential to your business, I truly believe that your best tool (next to your 30 second pitch) is your business card.

Have you ever told a story about a successful, chance business encounter that ended with the phrase, “Thank God I had one of my business cards with me that day!”? If so, great! You’re practicing approachability by being “easy to reach.”

If not, you’ve no doubt missed out on valuable relationships and opportunities. And it happens – people forget cards, get their supply reprinted or change jobs. But the bottom line is; there is a time and place for networking: ANY time and ANY place. Because you just never know whom you might meet.

People often ask me if they need to have a business card, my answer is always an emphatic YES! Business cards are cheap enough that if you have them printed and you change your brand, your logo, your message, or your business altogether they can be replaced cheaply, easily, and fast. I often advise new business owners to start there before they even worry about their website.

Your business card has a way of lending a sense of credibility and purpose to your business. It’s also a way for people to take notes on appointments you set or follow-up calls that need to be made for future meetings and sales.

Be sure to always have your cards on you. I tuck them into my wallet, into my card holder in my bag, in my folio, and I keep a box in my car for replenishing. Keeping them handy makes it easier when you meet someone you want to stay in contact with.

Offering your card to someone sends a clear message that you want to stay connected with them. Use your cards sparingly and get more well before you run out because, and you know this, as soon as you run out you’ll meet someone who might just change your life and you will wish you had a card to give them.


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