There is strength in the words we use especially when trying to persuade people, in face there are lists of persuasive words and phrases that can be found online. Just Google persuasive words to see just how many. Think about it…people have been using words to persuade other humans since the beginning of time. Please and thank you (with a smile) have been engrained in our souls as the best way to get someone to bend to our will since the day we were born. Can’t you just picture those adorable little cherub faces smiling up at you and tugging on your heart with a pretty please grin even before they could speak the words Mommy and Daddy?

Yet, clients are surprised when I tell them to drop the please when creating a call to action statement. Studies have shown that when leaving a message on the phone using the statement “Please call me back at 215.555.5555” the rate of receiving a return call is 30% but, drop the word please from the statement and the return rate increases to a stunning 70%. “Call me back at 215.555.5555” becomes a very commanding statement that cause the brain to act upon it as instructed almost immediately.

Another word that needs to be left out of a call to action statements is let’s. “Let’s schedule a call today.” almost infers a request not a command and may seem a little wishy washy or hopeful as opposed to “Schedule a call with me today.” People need to be told what to do and how you want them to connect. A strong call to action statement exudes confidence and helps get you close to having them do what you want them to do.

Here are a few call to action statements you can use for your next 30 second commercial on the phone or in person.

  • Call me back at 215.801.6750.
  • Schedule a call with me today.
  • Visit my website
  • Sign up for my online class today.
  • Visit my website for details about my free workbook offer.

Don’t be wishy washy, tell them what you want them to do and how you want them to do it. I just did!


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