Last week we kicked of a new series, Building Your Brand! In that first blog we shared that your brand starts with your message and how it goes way beyond that. Your brand is about your intention, integrity, inspiration, and initiative. In the first part of the series we shared how it all starts with establishing what your intentions are and the feeling you want to evoke then we went a little deeper into the intentions and how to connected with your audience in our Live in 30! Episode 21.

Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.”

Don’t fool yourself, people are watching all the time. They are watching you because, like it or not, you are your brand. Whether you sell a product or service, yours is the face associated with it, yours is the personality people think of, and yours is the reputation that comes to mind. Don’t give them any reason not to want to know you or buy from you.

Presenting yourself to your network and to the world with integrity matters. Be consistent, be intentional, be you. It is essential for businesses and business owners to protect the integrity of their brands to retain the ability to connect with and win the hearts of their target audience. Allowing your integrity to guide you in connecting with your network and growing those relationships starts here:

  1. Protect your brand’s integrity by knowing what you stand for.
  2. Understand the difference you make in the lives of your customers and your network.
  3. Maintain brand integrity across channels – be you in person and online.

I have 2 recent experiences I’d like to share that are excellent examples of the impact your integrity brings to your brand:

Story #1: I have a coach I follow and really wanted to work with After committing to work with her, my financial advisor asked that I hold off for a few months. I reached out to my coach and explained the situation. She was very understanding, very supportive, and has continued to be there for me. In my eyes, she is still who she has always been, and I trust her completely.

Story #2: I belonged to an organization that I had supported for many years and that was very instrumental in my business growth. After making a decision based on the changes within that organization and the direction I see for my business, I felt it was time to move on. When I reached out to the head of the organization, my news was not received well, and I was made to feel bad.

Who do you think I’ll be talking about in a positive way for the rest of my career and beyond? You got it, the person who stuck with her integrity. Even though I was unable to hire her at that time, she continues to be supportive and shows me that she is the same no matter the situation. She stands by her brand with integrity.

In this week’s episode of Live In 30! on our Facebook Business Page we’ll be discussing establishing your brand with integrity and how to leverage it to make emotional connections that build brand recognition and loyalty. You will want to tune in Thursday at 3:30pm with your questions for our live chat.

At 30 Second Success we help business owners, professionals, and sales teams identify your brand message for networking and for video. If you are struggling to find the words that describe your brand or need help figuring out your brand schedule a call today.


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