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Stand In Your Brand: Harness the Power of AI for Brand Success, Efficiency, and Client Attraction

Stand In Your Brand: Harness the Power of AI for Brand Success, Efficiency, and Client Attraction

Are you grappling with the challenges of streamlining your processes, understanding your clients’ desires on a profound level, and reclaiming control over your precious time?

In a digital era teeming with noise and fierce competition, the quest to stand out and connect with your ideal clients may seem like an insurmountable task.

I’ve been right where you are, and I understand those struggles all too well.

“Stand in Your Brand” serves as your compass guiding you to a new era of brand success. Inside these pages, you’ll unravel the transformative power of AI, a force capable of propelling your brand communication to unparalleled heights. I’ve poured my heart and soul into crafting practical strategies that not only attract your dream clients but also cultivate authentic, enduring connections with them.

My name is Laura Templeton, and I’m no stranger to the challenges you face. With years of experience working alongside thousands of clients, I’ve witnessed firsthand the hurdles of brand awareness, consistency, and the relentless drain of wasted time. In this book, I seamlessly merge my expertise with the cutting-edge capabilities of AI, offering you a genuine path to brand growth, operational efficiency, and an irresistible allure for your ideal clients.

This journey through the pages of “Stand in Your Brand” offers more than just knowledge; it holds the key to a brand revolution.

How can AI help you forge deeper connections with your clients while reclaiming the time you’ve longed for? The answers await you within these chapters, where clarity, confidence, and compassion intersect with AI’s boundless potential.

It’s time to unlock your brand’s future. Stand tall, stand proud, and embrace the transformation. “Stand in Your Brand.”

Praise for Stand In Your Brand

“Prior to reading ‘Stand in Your Brand’, I was reluctant to consider AI and ChatGPT, feeling as though my voice would no longer shine through in my marketing. I now understand how to use these powerful tools to amplify my voice and my brand. Everyone marketing a business should grab a copy of this book and get to work exploring AI.”

Suzanne Tregenza Moore, Author, Marketer, and Coach


“Stand In Your Brand is an absolute must-read for anyone serious about leveraging the future of branding! This book effectively demystifies the power of AI and unveils its transformative potential. Pick up your copy today, read it and stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of marketing and branding.”

Jose Escobar, CEO of Connected Leaders Academy

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30 Second Success: Ditch the pitch & start connecting!

I’ve been where you are right now – struggling to find the exact right words to say to attract my ideal clients while showing up as my authentic self and then I learned a simple formula that changed everything.

The more I practiced my 30-second message, the clearer and more concise my message became. With clarity came confidence and I began connecting with the more and more clients who were attracted to what I was sharing.

Once I learned the simple formula and made it work for me, I began to cringe when I heard a brilliant peer speak about their business and stumble their way through their 30-second message. I began teaching others and they too began having success with their 30-second message.

That’s why I wrote this book: I wanted to share how you too, can create a compelling 30-second message that you will deliver with ease and confidence to attract the clients you WANT to work with!

This book takes you on a journey to:

  • Understanding who your ideal clients are and what they need to hear from you.
  • How to craft a 30-second message that speaks to the heart of your audience.
  • Delivering your message with clarity and confidence.
  • The benefits of connecting with the people in your network and beyond.

Praise for 30 Second Success

“If you have ever struggled with networking, knowing what to say, how to position yourself, or even how to speak up at networking events, this book will help you stop stressing and start connecting. Pay attention as you read Laura’s practical, step-by-step approach to networking that will help you build systems, develop confidence, and deepen connections.”

Neen James, Neen James, Inc., Keynote Speaker, and Author of Attention Pays 


“Fantastic book. Laura is truly insightful as to how to network—it is, after all, network and not netplay. She digs into the realm of what networking is, how to do it, and what to deliver! I would recommend this book to all who want to know more about networking!

Kim Marie Branch-Pettid, CEO/Owner, LeTip International, Inc.

Heart-Centered Marketing: Proven Strategies that Naturally Attract and Nurture Clients

“Heart-Centered Marketing: Proven Strategies that Naturally Attract and Nurtures Clients”

Women entrepreneurs: are you tired of using traditional marketing methods that are misaligned with your values or mission?

Do you want to learn how to promote your business authentically and effectively while staying true to your purpose?

Would you like to grow your business in a way that generates revenue and creates a positive change in the world?

Heart-Centered Marketing provides a fresh perspective on marketing that prioritizes authenticity, connection, and social responsibility. It is based on the notion that marketing doesn’t have to feel sleazy or manipulative. In fact, when done right, marketing can be a powerful tool for spreading your message and creating change.

This book teaches practical strategies for building relationships with your ideal audience, crafting a compelling brand story, and leveraging your unique strengths and values to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

So, if you’re ready to transform your approach to marketing and build a business that aligns with your purpose and values, our non-marketing marketing book is the perfect resource for you!


Cathy Agasar, Joanne Flynn Black, Gabriela Bocante, Hanne BrØter, Jill Celeste, Gauri Chawla, Carolyn Choate, Gail Dixon, Robin Fitzsimons, Stephanie Fritts, Deborah Kevin, Kamie Lehmann, Felicia Messina-D’Haiti, Suzanne Trengenza Moore, Stefanie Joy Muscat, Jennifer Nichols, Andrea Pass, Micha Goebig Phelps, Laura Templeton, Clare Whalley, Catherine Williams
Highlander Press 2024

Praise for Heart-Centered Marketing

“Having the confidence to share our knowledge and skills with our patients and clients is a barrier we must break through. In reading Heart-Centered Marketing, I felt as if the authors for each chapter were speaking to me and addressing my fears and hesitations. This is a brilliant collection of experiences, tools, and learnings, which emphasize the importance of celebrating ourselves and our accomplishments. I found reading Heart-Centered Marketing can help guide one’s journey as an entrepreneur as well as in life in general.”

Dr. Radhika Chawla, O.D.Owner and president of Richmond Hill Optometric Clinic


“When you start out as an entrepreneur, mindset is everything, and I love that that is where the book begins. In fact, mindset was a constant throughout the book, just like it is in our experience. Each chapter provides lived experiences, unique insights, and actionable takeaways that will move you forward. This is a great read and also a great reference point as I continue to grow my business.”

Kirsteen Williamson-Guinn, Elevate Women

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“Your First Year, What I Wish I’d Known”

Are you a new woman entrepreneur or one who is waiting in the wings…?

  • Do you want to do things the “right way?”
  • Or worry about making mistakes?

Here’s the truth: there is no one “right way,” and you will make mistakes. That’s part of growing.

The generous and hard-won wisdom shared in this book won’t be a cure-all, but it will reassure you that following your internal GPS is just as (or maybe more) important as getting advice. From legally setting up your business to keeping clean bookkeeping records and effective marketing strategies through thriving through major health and life crises, this book will be your “go-to” guide as you step fully into a CEO role.

The women authors in this book want you to succeed. They’re cheering you on as you make an impact in Your First Year…and beyond!

Contributing Authors:

Suzanne Tregenza Moore, Nicole Meltzer, Nancy Linnerooth, Maribeth Decker, Jennifer Kate, Lee Murphy Wolf, Cheri D. Andrews, Connie Jo Miller, Laura Templeton, Hanne Broter, Jill Celeste, Clare Whalley, Pam Knox, Kate Varness, Margaret Martin, Maureen “Mo” Cooper, Kelly Lutman, Orianna Nienan, Gabriela Bocanete, Donna Kendrick, Deborah Kevin, Cathy Agasar


Highlander Press 2023

Praise for Your First Year

“This book is full of cautionary and inspiring tales by women who have been there first and want to make sure you learn from their mistakes. It touches on serious topics, but in a “sure, you can pick my brain over coffee” way.”

Julia Poger, member of AIIC Conference, Interpreter in English, Russian, and French


“This collection of essays offers some solid business advice for new and seasoned entrepreneurs. The stories shared by the contributors are relatable and entertaining. The brevity of the essays allows the reader to enjoy a few entries at a time and be able to process each one fully.”

Melissa Mitchel Willis, Coach, Consultant, and Speaker

Laura Templeton branding image with book

About Author Laura Templeton

Laura Templeton is an accomplished keynote speaker, trainer, and client attraction specialist with a passion for helping businesses communicate their value effectively. She is the author of the bestselling book “30 Second Success: Ditch the Pitch and Start Connecting!” and has contributed to the book “Your First Year, What I wish I’d known.”

Laura’s expertise in value-based communications has made her a sought-after speaker at conferences, seminars, and corporate events. She has delivered talks to audiences of all sizes, using her dynamic and engaging presentations to help organizations connect with their target audience and achieve their business goals.

As a client attraction specialist, Laura works closely with businesses to develop customized strategies that help them communicate their value effectively. Her unique approach to value-based communications has earned her a reputation as one of the most effective professionals in her field.

Whether working with nonprofits or for-profit businesses, Laura is committed to delivering results. Her practical advice and actionable insights have helped thousands of readers and audiences around the world to grow their businesses and achieve their goals.

Laura lives in ​Bradenton, FL with her husband, son, and her office dog, Knox.

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