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Connecting with Influencers

So blessed to have amazing people in my life who challenge me to step it up from time to time. One of these people is Jamie Broderick of Network Now®. Jamie recently sent out a mid-month challenge to make deeper connections with influencers to her members. I love this...

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Communication Breakdown

Communication is changing every day in this fast paced world we live in. Just the other day I received a Facebook message from my mother. This is the lady who didn’t know how to open up a text message with her smart phone just a few months ago, now she’s using...

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Signing Off

What does your email signature say about you? This is something I’ve struggled with for some time because of service limitations but I am getting there as services catch up to the times. I love when I get an email and people have very professional looking signatures....

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Look Who’s Teaching a Master Class!

Honored to have taught a master class on how to connect in 30 seconds or less by creating an attention getting message for NetworkNowConnections.com Enjoy the class and be sure to check out amazing support NetworkNowConnection.com offers to their members.

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Card Please!

It has been said that your website is your best marketing tool and although I agree that your website is absolutely essential to your business, I truly believe that your best tool (next to your 30 second pitch) is your business card. Have you ever told a story about a...

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10 Conversation Starters

Last week I wrote about starting conversations and the response that I got to my offer for conversation starting questions was overwhelming. Seems like a great topic for discussion, so I thought I’d share them with everyone this week. When starting a conversation...

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How Rude!

Are you listening to yourself? Are you hearing the voices in your head judging the people you meet at networking events thinking they won’t want to talk with you? When it comes to starting conversations are you dreading opening your mouth? Many people fear starting a...

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Who Are You?

No really, who are you? I forget people names all the time. It can be a bit embarrassing at time, but it is a fact of my life these days. I meet lots of people at networking events and I always feel bad if I don’t remember their name. I am most grateful for people who...

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Make it Bright!

Having spent the past week in reflection I realize how truly blessed I am by the grace of God and the amazing people He has brought into my life. Thank you all for touching my world in so many wonderful ways and allowing me the opportunity to support you in your...

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Grace & Peace

Messages of hope can be found all around us, we just need to look for them and believe. The face of a newborn baby, the love of family, the trust of a friend, the compassion of a stranger all of these are expressions of hope. Hope is what keeps us moving forward grace...

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Thinking Caps Allowed

This is a time of year to reflect, a time to review, and a time when we find ourselves asking “What the heck? Where did this year go?” We often have the best of plans and somehow as the year goes on we find ourselves either “A” altering those plans or “B” shelving...

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Find Your Power Partners

When networking it's really important to learn who your power partners are. Power partners is a relatively new term to me that I've started hearing in the past few months. When I first heard it I wasn't sure exactly what it meant. It’s about building relationships...

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