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Gotta Love TECH!

Gotta love tech! It’s the simple things that make me happy! Is it just me, or does everyone get super excited when your computer pops up a message, “Hey, didn’t you forget something?” My computer may seem smarter than me, but I was super excited today when I received...

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18 Strategies for Successful Networking

Hate 'em if you will, networking events are a necessary part of life for business professionals. They help you meet and connect with like-minded individuals; they may even net you a much-needed job or contract. Despite the potential benefits of networking, few plan...

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Like a Duck in Water

Like a duck in water, everything might seem calm and cool on the surface, but underneath you are paddling furiously just to stay on course. Ever feel like that? We all do from time to time, some of us more often than others. You feel like you are working furiously to...

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Guiding verses Getting

Guiding verses Getting, how do you approach networking? I recently read something that made total sense to me after attending a networking event where I was flabbergasted (Yes, I used that word and I really was!) to hear someone I’ve known for years talk about...

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30 Years Today!

30 Years Today, we said yes! Today I celebrate my 30th wedding anniversary with the love of my life, my best friend, my gift from God, the father of my two amazing children, grandfather to my two beautiful grandchildren, keeper of my secrets, encourager of my dreams,...

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10 Ways to Wear Your Brand

Wear your brand for increased brand recognition. Brand recognition is the extent to which a consumer can correctly identify a product or service just by viewing the product or service's logo, tagline, packaging or advertising campaign. Creating your company name and...

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Did You See That Epic Game?

WOW! Yes, Eagles fans it was an epic game! Incredible highlights from beginning to end. Lots of records made and broken by this underestimated underdog team. Lots of lessons to be learned too. Here are a few of my favorite takeaways from the game that can be applied...

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The Mess on My Desk

The mess on my desk is causing clutter in my mind. My desk is small to begin with and I am usually an organized person. Yes, some would say I have a way of being an organized mess, but none the less ORGANIZED being the optimal word here. But somehow my desk has gotten...

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Essentials to Your Brand Message

Is Your Brand Message synonymous with Your moniker? Brand Message refers to the underlying value proposition or unique offering conveyed in your content. It's what makes buyers relate to your brand by inspiring them, persuading them, motivating them, and ultimately...

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7 Steps to an EPIC New Year

Are you ready for an amazing outstanding exciting epic New Year or are you just hoping for more of the same? Most people wish for a better year than the year before and I bet you are one of us. So what have you done to get ready for this epic New Year? Have you set...

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