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Power Partners Part 4

This month on the #30SecondsGo! blog and on Live in 30! we’ve shared insight into identifying, finding and educating your Power Partners. We’ve spent quite a bit of time breaking down and helping you understand the value Power Partners can bring to your business...

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Power Partners Part 2

Power Partners are an essential part of your network and growth for your business. Last week on the #30SecondsGo! blog and on Live in 30! On Facebook we talked about Power Partners, who they are and why we need them. Power Partners are critical to growing your...

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Pick Up The Darn Phone!

I know, I know everyone keeps telling you to put down the phone, but this is one time I am going to tell you to pick up the phone. With the invention of the smartphone I believe the phone has gotten a bad rap. Many people consider phones to be nothing but a...

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