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Ready for Radio

I recently enjoyed two very enlightening experiences. The first being a tour of iHeart Media hosted by Loraine Ballard Morill, Director of News and Community Affairs with an amazing group of Network Now members. The...

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5 Practices for Making Strong Connections

Here are 5 tips on how to identify the people you want to connect with and making lasting impressions on the people you meet. Let's build the skills we need to become better networking partners. Be prepared: Review attendee list prior to the event. Identify 2-3 good...

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3 Tips To Help Improve Your Presentation

How often have you been to a networking event where someone mumbles through their 30 second commercial to the point that you can barely hear them, looks really uncomfortable the whole time they are presenting, or looks like they are practicing to be an Olympic swimmer...

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5 Tips to Making a Better 1st Impression

#Networking is a key component to making great connections with potential clients and referral partners. Making a good first impression matters when you are trying to build strong referral networks and business relationships. Most people make a decision on who they...

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“Archery Lessons”

  I am an archer and a certified archer instructor. I love shooting archery but never seem to make the time to do it and my skills suffer for it. Some time ago while participating in a weekly Indoor 3D competition I noticed something just wasn’t right, I wasn’t...

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Time’s UP! Sticking to Your 30 Seconds

“30 Seconds that’s all I get? But I have so much to say, I’ll never get it all in in just 30 seconds! Maybe if I talk faster I can get it all in. Maybe I’ll just keep going, we’re all friends here no one will care. I have two businesses, maybe they’ll give me 30...

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