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What to Wear for a Podcast…SERIOUSLY!!

I was recently asked to participate in a podcast with one of my clients, James Lucas of GrapeCat. I asked what I needed to bring and if there was anything in particular I needed to be prepared for. His answer, in the casual James way, “Just your headphones, and make...

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7 Practices to Kick Start Your Morning

As I sit here in the very early morning thinking of what to write I recall a recent discussion we had at a PWBN networking group. The topic was focused on the morning habits we create that move us toward being more productive throughout the day and how we feel when we...

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7 Tips for The Meeting After the Meeting

How many times have you heard that the meeting after the meeting is where the real business happens? I am a true believer in the meeting after the meeting. All too often we are too quick to run from one networking meeting to the next and we’ll turn down an invite to...

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5 Tips to Get People Talking about You

The #1, hands down, most effective form of marketing is WORD of MOUTH. That’s why so many people turn to networking as a large part of their marketing strategy. So, how do you get people talking about you? How do you get them to refer you whenever they meet someone...

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What to Do When a Referral Goes Bad

Your reputation is attached to every referral you give. A bad referral, just like a good one, is a reflection on you that’s why I recommend following up on every referral you give. Sometimes people don’t connect for one reason or another but sometimes they do and it...

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How to Boost Your Business through Sponsorship

As many of you know from my last blog post, my recent guest appearance on Blab with Jamie Broderick of Network Now did not go so well. Jamie did a great job getting the message out there for me via my typed in answers but I thought I’d give you some of the highlights...

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Tips from the Blab Techno Challenged

Recently I was invited to be a guest on a Blab call with Jamie Broderick of Network Now to talk about sponsorship and publicity. Jamie does an incredible job of helping her members jump into technology that they wouldn’t normally try if it weren’t for her...

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4 Tips to a Good Referral Network

One questions I am asked most frequently about networking is how to give good referrals. A lot of people feel that they spend time offering good referrals, passing out other people’s business cards, even emailing contact information to people for their referral...

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Interview the Journalist

I interviewed the journalist! Recently I was asked to help a journalist with an article about networking for the special “Jobs Now” section of The Courier Times, The Intelligencer, & The Burlington County Times newspapers that ran last Sunday, March 20, 2016....

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