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Business Card Etiquette

Ask permission to add people to your newsletter. Don’t just assume when someone gives you their business card that it’s okay to add them to your mailing list. Newsletters are a great way to get your message out there, to get noticed, and to get more information in...

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Time to Get Positive!

Take the negative out of your talk. Sometimes when I'm at networking events connecting with people I am surprised when they tell me what they don't do, they tell me what their competition doesn't do, or worse yet they complain about other people. Sometimes people...

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Everything in Moderation

There is a fine line between moderating a group and allowing it to be a free for all. Being a moderator brings a lot of gratification and it can help you to build a platform as a leader. It’s a great way to connect with other people and to move forward in your...

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Finding Your Network

People often ask me about where I network and I love sharing, but a lot of people that I know aren’t in the same area as I am or may need to network with different people than I do. One of the things I help my clients identify is where their potential clients are...

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The All Important One on One

The all important one on one is one of the key elements to your networking success. Are you doing one on ones? Do you know what one on ones are? Incredibly enough not everyone knows what they are especially people new to networking. One on ones are a great way to...

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How Networking Works

People often ask how to get the most out of their networking, “How does it work?” Here’s what I share with them: Know who your ideal client is and where you will find them. Surprisingly enough many people don’t really know who their ideal client is, so how would you...

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Authenticity…Are You Being You?

Recently someone said to me that in order to be yourself you need to love who you are but in the way we were meant to love. That got my attention. How were we meant to love and why does that carry so much weight on who we are? There is a great book a friend recently...

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Tips for a More Professional Recording

I recently had the honor of being invited to visit the WFYL AM radio station for a quick on air interview. When I arrived one of the things I noticed was this great list of “Studio Recording Suggestions” while on air. As I reviewed this list I realized how much it...

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It’s About Them

Have you ever been in a conversation and found that you’ve totally zoned out on what the other person is saying because you are focused on what you want to say next or you are thinking of something that you need to take care of in the office or online? Just how...

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5 Tips on Being a Great Connector

Have you ever heard the expression “I’ve got a guy!” Being a great connector has many advantages. When you work at building relationships with a network of trusted professionals your willingness to share them with others can open many doors for you and your network....

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On the fourth of July we reflect on the founding fathers and the freedom they risked their lives to give to us. As we celebrate and take time for friends and family let’s not forget that our fore fathers and mothers were very industrious men and women who worked hard...

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What Do You Do When You Accidently DELETE Your Blog?

Yep, I did it, I deleted my entire blog from my website. No I did not do it on purpose, I hit a button and was not paying attention and “POOF” gone. My first response, undo. No luck. My second, call my website host who promptly told me they could not restore what I...

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