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Reflections of Thanks

Thanksgiving isn't just the time to share your gratitude it's also a time of reflection. At a women's event I attended last week we were sharing about how we show our gratitude and why it’s important. There's so many people that I'm grateful for, so many people in my...

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First to Arrive Last to Leave

One of the best ways to get noticed at networking events is really simple, arrive first leave last to leave. People love to see a friendly face when they arrive, so make a point to arrive early and be the first friendly face they see. Staying until last allows other...

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Don’t Leave Your Ideas Hangin’

Having spoken to a number of startup entrepreneurs lately I find a common thread of concern when it comes to their business ideas, it’s perfectionism. I hear comments like, “My website isn’t ready yet because it isn’t quite how I want it yet.” or “My app isn’t ready...

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Incredibly Inspired

I am incredibly inspired and humbled by the amazing people I meet. This past week I had an amazing opportunity to work with startup entrepreneurs at JumpStart StartUp. I am blown away by the inspiring stories, the progress, and the determination of so many amazing men...

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Back Talk

Are you tired of those little voices in your head telling you what to do or worse, telling you all the reasons why you can’t do something? I had this huge argument with my little voices earlier this week. The battle was monumental and I almost gave in. Almost. I felt...

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Call to Action

There is strength in the words we use especially when trying to persuade people, in face there are lists of persuasive words and phrases that can be found online. Just Google persuasive words to see just how many. Think about it…people have been using words to...

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Who Are They?

I recently read an article about knowing who your ideal client is. The article asked some key questions that help people identify their audience. Many of my clients struggle with this. Either their description is too broad or they have missed the mark in some way....

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Giving Birth at 52

Writing a book is like giving birth. Think about it…you consider writing it for a while going back and forth wondering if you do or you don’t or if you’re actually ready for it. You think about all the things you need to do to prepare for it. You do research, you talk...

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Late is Unacceptable

Late is unacceptable! I considered starting this blog with a rant about respecting people’s time…but I would just like to calmly express how important it is to make every effort to be on time. I know, it happens. Sometimes traffic, phone calls, email, deadlines,...

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Just Drop It!

Sometimes when you are too tired to create new content it’s great to share what others have blessed you with. Today my awesome friend and amazing mentor Jamie Broderick of Network Now shared the following and gave me permission to pass it on to you. (Thanks Jamie!)...

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Networking 101

This week I had the distinct pleasure of teaching “Networking 101” to a large group of students at Bucks County Community College. Who knew this would be a popular topic among the business students at Bucks. I knew that some of the educators had told their students...

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Business Card Etiquette

Ask permission to add people to your newsletter. Don’t just assume when someone gives you their business card that it’s okay to add them to your mailing list. Newsletters are a great way to get your message out there, to get noticed, and to get more information in...

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