Not everyone wants what you have! Accept it, please.

Have you ever been involved in a networking group where there’s one person who is constantly selling? They pitch you continuously and tell you that you need their product or service week after week. They send you emails, texts, and social media messages telling you about the latest and greatest offers and why you have to do it now.

Then when they ask you why you haven’t tried it yet, they seem offended by your answer. They just won’t take no for an answer! UUGH! I have witnessed this time and again. This is called aggressive marketing and when it happens it doesn’t feel good, it turns more people away rather than turning them into clients.

Bottom line…no matter how awesome your products or services are, not everyone wants them. Not everyone wants to “look their best”, “feel their best”, sound their best”, or “live their best” based on what you think is their best. We all make decisions every day based on our beliefs and our wallets.

Let’s face it, if I said yes to everyone I network with I’d probably look, feel, smell, and sound incredible, but I’d be an absolute mess at the same time because I’d be totally broke. Making sound investments in myself and my business are how I base my decisions. You should too.

Learn how to take no for an answer. Be gracious and ask people if they would like to receive your promotional information going forward. Accept no and say thank you when you hear it.

Let your customers do your talking for you. If you have a product or services that other people in your networking group are using, ask for a testimonial or mention their experience in your 30 second commercial. Clients love when we talk about them but be sure to ask their permission before you do.

Recognize that the timing may not be right for everyone. Create a drip campaign mentality. Share a little, create curiosity, but don’t bowl people over. Learn who to be bold with (the folks you’ve established relationships with) and who you need to be a little more subtle with (people who are still getting to know you.)

Be gracious and learn the art of relationship. It will make all the difference to your sales process.

At 30 Second Success we coach people who want to become better networkers and build better relationships. If you would like more information about networking as an effective marketing tool and building great referral relationships contact us today.


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