Are you tired of those little voices in your head telling you what to do or worse, telling you all the reasons why you can’t do something? I had this huge argument with my little voices earlier this week. The battle was monumental and I almost gave in. Almost. I felt like my heart and my head were duking it out for days over this huge opportunity I have before me.

My heart was telling me to go for it and my head was giving me all the “What ifs?” What if I fail? How are you going to feel then? What if people don’t like what you have to say? What if people don’t value what you have to say? What if you are wasting your time and don’t get any business? Then there were the “What if it’s a huge success?” questions. Are you ready for this? Can you handle lots of new business? What’s that going to look like? Are you really going to have time for this?

Tough stuff, right? But I bet lots of people have heard these same voices when trying to go big and step out of their comfort zone.

Then my heart stepped in and I felt that comforting feeling wash over me. For me, it’s faith that makes the difference. I know that the opportunities before me are mine for a reason. If I succeed or if I fail, there is growth. Trusting your heart is a big step in the process. If your head is questioning everything, which it was actually designed to do, and your heart is telling you to go for it, trust your heart. It’s not always easy, but it’s usually the right choice.

It’s time to talk back to those voices and put them in their place. Acknowledge those voices, thank them for serving you as protective mechanism, tell them you are choosing not to accept their advice, and release them from your mind. There’s just no room in your head for those voices if you want to grow.


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