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Recently someone said to me that in order to be yourself you need to love who you are but in the way we were meant to love. That got my attention. How were we meant to love and why does that carry so much weight on who we are? There is a great book a friend recently recommended called, “Love-ability” by Robert Holden. This was one of those book I could not put down, in fact I am reading it for a second time. The basic premise is that we are all loveable, but somewhere along the way we allow fear and judgement to question our love-ability.

Fear and judgment pay a huge role in stepping into and owning who we are. We’re often afraid to allow our personality into a conversations and interactions with others for fear that they might not like us, or we might come off too strong, or too loud, or too confident. There’s a great Ted Talks by Jenny Schatzle video another friend recently shared with me. It speaks to my heart about stepping into and owning who you were born to be in both our personal and professional lives.

I often find that clients try to hold back when creating their 30 second commercials because they are afraid of what people might think. I help them create an authentic message that really expresses their desire to help their clients. Once we are able to overcome that concern and truly help them open up, I am always amazed at the burst of confidence that shows up. Get creative, share who you are. Remember, not everyone is going to need your services, not everyone was meant to be your client.

It’s a lot easier to be who you are and make great connections than the amount of effort it will take to keep up the persona that isn’t authentic. The most important person that you need to impress is you and you do that by being your authentic self in every situation. Be the awesome person you were meant to be. Be yourself.


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