Are you showing up for your network? Your network is important to your success. They are the people talking about you, sharing your ideas for you, and introducing people to you. They are your very own cheering squad when things are going well and when they get tough.

Your network is there for you, are you there for your network? Here are some tips on how you can show up for your network and create the lasting connections that will serve your business and others for years to come.

Show up Regularly

Pick two to three organizations or associations that bring the people together to network on a regular basis. Visit several before deciding where you want to spend your time. Show up regularly. Be visible at meetings and events. People love to see a familiar face and the best way for yours to become familiar is to show up.

Occasional cancellations happen just don’t make a habit of it. If you are planning to be away, let someone in the organization know and ask someone else to give your apologies to the group and perhaps your 30 second commercial. This will help you stay top of mind.

Connect with your network online and in person. Invite people to connect via LinkedIn, be sure to send a message with your request to connect letting them know where you are from and take the next step and invite them to a one on one meeting. Connect regularly with the people in your network either via phone, zoom, or email.

Make Introductions

Make introductions at meetings. Be the person who knows everyone and introduce new people to the group. Bring guests or connect with the new people coming to the group for the very first time.

Make introductions after the meeting. Think of people you can connect with your network. Make introductions via email to both parties and let them know the purpose of the introduction, what they have in common or what they might be able to help with.

Making introductions makes people feel welcome and important. Do your very best to let your network know you care.

It’s All About Them

Bring value to your network. What can you share that will enhance or improve someone else’s life or business? It doesn’t have to be something you personally offer. Think of people you know, articles you’ve read, podcasts you listen, or other information you can share to help your network.

Acknowledge people for their contributions. People enjoy offering helpful advice and sharing information with people who appreciate what they bring. Thank them publicly when the opportunity presents itself or via a quick call or email as a follow up.

Gratitude goes a long way. Be sure to practice it often.

Always Be Inviting

Share great information and events. Invite your network to join you elsewhere. Be willing to share your findings with your network. Be intentional about sharing by always asking yourself “Who do I know who would benefit from this?”

Stop looking at people as competition and start collaborating. Trust me, there’s enough business to go around and when you help others you help yourself. Your network expands, more opportunities present themselves, people gravitate to people who are willing to help others and are not threatened but inspired by the success of others.

Be Authentically You

Be your authentic self and share your expertise and let others share theirs. Ever heard the phrase “Don’t try to be someone you’re not.”? There’s only one you and you have been given a gift of your own unique talents, focus on your gifts and what you offer the world.

You have so much to give and when you let your heart get involved you become unstoppable. Be genuine, be giving, be willing to help others, be who you were meant to be and attract people to you. Show up for your network and your network will show up for you.


At 30 Second Success we help people understand the value of networking and teach them how to build a network filled with authentic connections that serve them well. To learn more about becoming an effective networker check out our online courses or schedule a call today.

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