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Laura Templeton, Founder and CEO of 30 Second Success, is an entrepreneur, connector, speaker, author, writer, wordsmith, creative soul, network and branding specialist, coach, mentor, friend to many, wife, mother, and a woman of faith. She believes in the power of building others up, helping everyone find their personal message and giving them a voice in order to be heard.

With over 15 years of sales training, personal development, coaching and networking, Laura understands the countless benefits of building relationships through networking. She developed her niche business based on a deep need she saw within the networking community, the need for people to create a clear, concise, confident message that connects with your ideal clients.

Laura’s ability to connect with her clients and come away with a clear understanding of what they do gives her the ability to create very powerful branded messages that bring more business to her clients. She believes that when you begin to connect on a deeper level and really understand who your client is and what they need, that is when the true magic happens.

She says, “It’s not about pitching. You can pitch all day long and get the ball across the plate every time, but if the batter never hits it there’s no connection. In business you need to connect, not just throw stuff in the air and hope something happens.” So, if you’re ready to “Ditch the Pitch, and Start Connecting!”™, if you need a message your sales team can stand behind with confidence, register for one of our programs or schedule an appointment to work with Laura directly.

Laura’s favorite compliment from a client speaks volumes about her work.
“You made me cry. You wrote it as if you were me.”

Kim B.

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