I was recently expressing my difficulty with following through to a friend and *Dot Sister. We were discussing how I get really excited about an amazing offer for an online course or a learning pack that I just know will help me grow my business. I take all the steps, I buy the program, I mark my calendar to immerse myself in the learning. I even share the awesomeness with friends hoping they’ll jump on and do it with me. I get started and commit to myself that this time I’m really going to stick with it. I made the investment and I know it will make a difference, so I am really super serious…this time. I’m really going to do it. Yes, this is going to change my life, make things better, I know I can do it and then…I quit.

I get distracted, I find more important things to do with the time I set aside to do the work, I find another program that promises to be even better, or I just stop doing it. I never place blame or say the program wasn’t any good. In fact, in almost every case I glean some really good nuggets and I am certain I would have gotten a lot more out of it IF I had only finished. So why didn’t I? Why do I beat myself up for not finishing when I know it would have been really beneficial? Why did I waste the money if I knew I wouldn’t follow through?

My dear sweet *Dot Sister, Nicole Lewis-Keeber, put it in terms that for the first time made a lot of sense. She said very plainly “It’s not how you learn.” She is right! I like to learn in a group setting. I love going to events, sitting with others and learning from various presenters on many different topics. I take tons of notes and always learn things I can implement into my life almost immediately. Sometimes I do and sometimes I just store those yummy morsels away to share with others that may need them later on.

Unfortunately I have invested hundreds of dollars in materials and online courses that I’ve never looked at more than once or twice after buying. I know a lot of other people who have the same issue. It was very freeing when Nicole told me it’s okay to go to events to learn, to sit in on a webinar and collect the takeaways, but I don’t have to buy the do it yourself package, the online courses, and the materials that will just collect dust and cause more guilt. I need the one-on-one, the accountability, the personal coaching it’s what works best for me.

This conversation reminded me of a time when I asked a client who had an option of joining workshop or working with me one-on-one why she chose one-on-one. Her answer surprised me, but it also opened my eyes a lot. She said: “I come to you from a place of vulnerability and insecurity and I don’t necessarily want to share that with others.” For other clients who have been through my workshops, they love the experience of working with others and being able to have a lot of feedback from myself and the group. This lends to the idea that we all learn differently. It’s really nice to have options and to realize that you can chose what works best for you!

*If you are wondering what “Dot Sister” is, visit http://polkadotpowerhouse.com I belong to the King of Prussia chapter and would love to invite you to visit sometime!


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