#Networking is a key component to making great connections with potential clients and referral partners. Making a good first impression matters when you are trying to build strong referral networks and business relationships. Most people make a decision on who they will or won’t do business with based on their first impression. Here are some tips to help you do just that:

1. Dress professionally. I know, why would you need to be told that, right? Let me stress, if you want to be perceived as a professional you need to dress the part.

2. Enter the room with confidence – how you carry yourself matters. If you enter a room with a confident walk, your head held high, and a friendly smile people are more drawn to you.

3. Have a firm handshake – shake hands with your right hand and be firm in your grasp (careful, no knuckle crushers). People measure your confidence by your ability to deliver a firm handshake.
4. Make eye contact – look people in the eye and give them your full attention when engaged in conversation. Making and maintaining eye contact expresses your genuine interest in what the other person has to say.

5. Make it all about them – when engaging in conversation make it all about them. Ask a lot of questions about them and about their business. Be engaging and pay attention to them and what they have to say. People appreciate good listeners.

When you make a good first impression you open up a door to make another and another, so make it a good one.


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