The #1, hands down, most effective form of marketing is WORD of MOUTH. That’s why so many people turn to networking as a large part of their marketing strategy. So, how do you get people talking about you? How do you get them to refer you whenever they meet someone who needs your services? Here are 5 tips to help you start a buzz about you!

1. The purpose of networking is not just to get business but to make connections and build relationships. When you learn to connect with people and really get to know them you begin to build relationships with trusted individuals.

2. Having a heart of service makes all the difference in relationship building. Start thinking about what you can do for them. When we connect on a heart level the relationships we form become so much more meaningful and tend to last for a very long time. Be willing to serve others and expect nothing in return.

3. Build rapport by showing up consistently and making an effort to connect in between meetings. Offer to help or volunteer at meetings and events. Becoming a key figure in the running of a networking group elevates you among the members.

4. Place value on really getting to know the members and welcome new members into your circle as well. Scheduling one on ones (meetings with individuals to get to know one another) and then share your experience with the group. Consider offering a testimonial or giving someone else’s 30 second commercial at your next meeting.

5. Be a connector! Start connecting the people you network with. Email and in person introductions make a huge impact on the people you network with and they begin talking about you and how you’ve helped them grow. Be willing to make those introductions for your network, become the go to person for referrals.

WORD of MOUTH is the best form of marketing. Be the buzz! Serve others and pretty soon they’ll all be talking about you.


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