How often have you been to a networking event where someone mumbles through their 30 second commercial to the point that you can barely hear them, looks really uncomfortable the whole time they are presenting, or looks like they are practicing to be an Olympic swimmer because their arms and hands won’t stop moving? Does this describe you or someone you know? So often clients come to me with the makings of a great commercial, they are just lacking the confidence and skills to present it well. Here are three tips I share with clients that will keep you focused when put them into practice.

1. You must look up and speak clearly. Speak loud enough for everyone to hear you. Look around the room as you speak and make eye contact with a few key people who you are comfortable with, this will help you feel like you are talking with friends.

2. Stand up and think tall. Before starting draw in a deep break and expand your ribcage, this will help you with your posture and when you stand tall you look less uncomfortable than when you slouch.

3. If you talk with your hands they can be very distracting, you want people to focus on your face and to pay attention to what you have to say. A great way to control your hands is to fold them in front of you or hold onto the back of your chair.

How you appear is just as important as what you have to say. When you appear confident you command the attention of your audience. Pay attention to your appearance and practice what you want to say and your audience will focus on your commercial without being distracted.


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