When you have a big family like mine you find that some holidays can be a bit overwhelming if you let them. Here are some tips that may just help you get through this Thanksgiving with a thankful heart.

  1. Let someone else do the cooking. Yes, I gave into this years ago. My uncle and my brother do an awesome job with the turkeys and everyone brings a dish. There’s so much food to go around that everyone has leftovers to take home.
  2. Bring your own containers for leftovers so you aren’t left out. Baggies are awesome! The more you bring home, the less cooking you’ll have to do on the weekend. Thinking this way might just save your waistline from overeating.
  3. Remember what you are thankful for, even if it’s for everyone getting along this one day out of the year. Count your blessings that the family instigator is behaving or decided not to come this year.
  4. Eat less, talk more. Actually…eat less, listen more. Engage others in really great conversations. Challenge yourself to learn something new about each person you talk to. Ask some really fun off the wall questions and listen for the answers.
  5. Find out what everyone is doing for Christmas or Hanukkah and plan to be somewhere else. Just kidding! I love my family and we will have a repeat of this same turkey day madness on Christmas day with lots of wrapping paper and presents thrown in.
  6. If you aren’t a fan of the NFL, plan to play some games of your own. This is a great way to engage others and enjoy the conversations. Pick fun silly games that adults will enjoy and spend time laughing together. Create memories for everyone.
  7. Keep the kids entertained! Yes, kids. We can’t forget them. Give them fun creative things to do. Give them a piece of paper and a list of things to find inside or outside, or ask them to list as many things as they can in 20 minutes by using the letters in the words THANKSGIVING TURKEY.
  8. Stay away from politics, unless you have a favorite aunt or uncle you want to set on fire. Political points of view only lead to heated discussions especially when the “snowflakes” start.
  9. Go with the intention of celebrating! Yes, this is a celebration of life and all we have to be thankful for especially when the pie is served!
  10. Give thanks! Know that you are blessed with the freedom to celebrate any way you wish on this Thanksgiving Day!

Wishing you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving Day! May your holidays be filled with love and laughter, memories and joy, grace and peace. God bless!

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