With years of networking experience it has come to my attention that there are some sure fired things you can do to get attention. Here’s a quick list of my top ten favorites (or maybe not so favorites.)

  1. Chew gum, loudly
  2. Show up looking wrinkled and thrown together
  3. Wear heavy perfume or cologne
  4. Talk loudly and laugh a lot
  5. Talk with food in your mouth
  6. Drink heavily if alcohol is served
  7. Act as if you are the life of the party
  8. Speak for other people by completing their sentences
  9. Inject yourself into a conversation and talk about yourself

And coming in at number 10… Speak longer than 30 seconds and ignore the timer

Getting attention is not always necessarily the kind of attention you want. This list is more of a list of what not to do. Surprised that I even had to say this? You’d be surprised at the things I’ve seen in my many years of networking. The next time you are at a networking or social event consider these tips.

At 30 Second Success we help educate people on the benefits of networking and the how to (and the how not to.) We work with professionals, college students,  business owners, and sales teams that want to grow connections and improve networking skills. Check out out online courses and workshops or schedule a call today.

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