“Ditch the Pitch

& Start Connecting”

“Ditch the Pitch

& Start Connecting”

“Ditch the Pitch

& Start Connecting”

Welcome to 30 Second Success!

Welcome to

30 Second Success!

If you’re looking to connect with your audience on a deeper more authentic level that really gets people to sit up and notice you, you’ve come to the right place.

At 30 Second Success® we help people develop 30 second commercials that resonate with your audience and drives more business to your door. Networking and video are two of the best forms of marketing for your business, but many people avoid them because they don’t know what to say or hate to speak in public. At 30 Second Success® we help you develop a branded message that truly connects by writing it for you or teaching you how to write it yourself. We also coach you through the delivery and presentation so you come away with a clear, concise, confident message that connects every time.

In addition, we help you become a better connector and experience growth in your business with our free newsletter filled with networking and business tips and we offer strategy sessions for business owners who are struggling to figure out their next steps. Our mastermind community is designed to support, inspire, elevate, and push you to the next level of success. We offer individual coaching, online courses, live workshops, and are available for speaking engagements. Please explore our website for additional information and connect with us today!

It’s time to “Ditch the Pitch & Start Connecting!”™

Serve others with gladness! ~ Romans 12:4-7


Need an engaging dynamic speaker with a great message and the ability to deliver it well? Laura Templeton, Founder and CEO of 30 Second Success educates and inspires people to make better connections with the right message and improve networking skills. Audiences and event coordinators rave over her ability to connect with her audience and deliver great content.

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Online Courses

With online courses, we bring you the tools and training to help you craft your own unique 30 second message, make better connections, and grow your business. College students, professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs all benefit from learning who, how, and where to connect.

Individual Coaching

Master your 30 second message for networking and video like a pro. With individual 30 Second Message and Video Coaching Packages, Strategy Sessions, and Online Courses clients have the opportunity to work with us one on one or on their own. Gain clarity about your business and clients, create a clear concise message that connects, improve your networking skills, and grow your business with confidence.

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With live workshops we bring you the tools and training to improve your message, make better connections, and grow your business. Sales teams, industry associations, organizations, college students, professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs all benefit from learning who you want to connect with as well as how and where to connect.

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Success Mastermind Community

Twice a year we open up our community for small business owners and entrepreneurs who are serious about growing their businesses and need the support, insight, and accountability provided within this community. You will experience personal and professional growth in a loving and friendly environment all while being challenged to get out of your own way and go for your dreams.


“Your Follow Up System to Success”

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